How do I group assessment so that I can graph them?

December 27, 2017; 25 Comments

Within the assessments tab, choose “+ ADD” at the top right of the screen. Here you will create a “parent” assessment by toggling the circle next to “create grouped assessments to graph?” Then you will choose a subject, assessment name, and a score type and select “SUBMIT”. Then you will see your “parent assessment appear in the list of assessments on the assessments tab. Select that assessment. In the next screen you should see the subject icon and title of the assessment at the top. Select the “ADD ASSESSMENTS” button to the right of the title. Here you will fill in the rest of the assessment information for one of the assessments within your group of assessments and select “SUBMIT”. The subheading will become the title of each individual assessment within the group of assessments. Add as many sub assessments as you would like under this parent assessment. Note: you will need to add at least two sub assessments with scores before the assessments can be plotted on the graph.