Overview Video Series

This series contains a collection of short videos demonstrating features of the GRō app. For in-depth tutorials scroll down the page.

General Overview

This video provides an overview of the GRō app that highlights most of the features within the app.

Student Section

Groups Section

Calendar Section

Lesson Plan Section

Assessments Section

In-Depth Tutorials

This series contains in-depth tutorials on popular GRō app features.

Classes and Settings

This tutorial will show you how to add a class to you account and how to edit a few important features within the settings.


This video gives you an in-depth look at the student section of the app and shows you how to use the student profiles.


This video shows you how to use the assessment section of the GRō app. You will learn how to create multiple types of assessments and how to access the data in your student profiles. Note: The class average will show up on the graph when you have given scores to multiple students. You can reorder your assessments in the assessment tab with a long press and drag.